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Learning and then Doing

“By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.” John 15:8

The final lessons from Jesus would be poured out during the next seven days and, for the disciples, the privilege of sitting at the Lord’s feet was drawing to an end. Their literal baptism-by-fire was approaching and they would soon have to stand on the truth of his teachings without his physical presence with them, guiding and directing. A new guide and helper was waiting and these tender saplings that Jesus had grafted into the vine would grow and mature. The Holy Spirit would help them with this new phase of their life and encourage them to develop into strong branches that produced good fruit.

Through God’s word we can come and sit at the feet of Jesus any time we want and learn from his teaching, but we too cannot stay there all the time. In order to glorify God, we need to prove that we are indeed his disciples and this is only done by getting up, going out and putting into practice all that has been taught. The apostles would do this through the power of the Spirit as they strived to live lives worthy of their Lord’s sacrifice. Everything they needed in order to bear fruit stemmed from Him and they would grow stronger through the Spirit.

Likewise, as followers of Christ, we also have been grafted into the true vine and everything we need for the kingdom work stems from Him and as long as we remain in Him, we will continue to grow and have productive Christian lives.

His teachings can strengthen our faith, our knowledge and our understanding of his gospel. The stronger those are, the more confidence we will have in sharing the truths within his word as we strive to live in a manner worthy of His sacrifice and our salvation.

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