Encouragement, Thursday Thoughts, Truth


Even as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before Him. Ephesians 1:4

I always dreaded the team picking exercise in school, unless I was the one choosing. You stood there hoping that your name would be called out at the beginning of the process, for that was validation that you were reasonably liked and reasonably good. The longer you had to wait the more dejected you felt, as well as losing confidence in your own ability. To be last meant that you weren’t so much chosen but the one nobody really wanted, and no-one should ever be made to feel unwanted.

How good is it to know that you were chosen by God, not only before you were born, but before the earth was born? At the very beginning of everything, before the formation of the heavens or the foundations of the world, God put in motion the plan to adopt you as his own. Never would you be a child without a family, but a child with a forever home; a child blameless in His eyes. With God, no-one is ever made to feel unwanted. He has an abundance of love and he wants everyone to experience it and share in it.

You were chosen to be part of God’s eternal plan, but do not take advantage of your salvation and do not rest your feet upon his grace. Choose to be holy and choose to be pure.

Live each day in the truth of your adoption. You are not just reasonably liked; you are profoundly loved. You are not just reasonably good; you are completely perfect.

Remind yourself, ‘I have been chosen to be God’s very own.’ Now, take this beautiful truth and carry it into your day.

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