God's Love, Monday Meditation, Psalms

In His Care

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23:1

In this Psalm, the shepherd who became king turns his praise and adoration toward the King who became his Shepherd. David’s knowledge of looking after a vulnerable flock is used in this beautiful poem to help us understand the relationship between the shepherd and the sheep.

What an opening declaration – The LORD is my shepherd. So, who is this Lord? For me, he is Elohim, the author of all existence. He is my Maker, the one who knows every cell of my being, and He loves me dearly and deeply. He made me for himself but, for a while, I chose to go my own way. He didn’t want to lose me to another so he bought me back, for a price no-one else would pay. Now, I belong to Him: This is my Lord; this is my shepherd.

No-one else is as devoted to your complete well-being as the Lord is. As your Maker, he knows every miniscule detail about you. He knows exactly what you need and when you need it. When you are part of his flock, he is always working on your behalf, continually caring and providing for you. Because of this, you too can say with confidence – I shall not want. Under His care you will lack nothing and through Him your spirit thrives.

It is a privilege and a joy to belong to the Shepherd, and although we will not be immune from hardship, we know that under his watchful eye we will be safe. Day and night he is constantly looking out for his own. He never takes his eyes off us, for he never sleeps.

The Shepherd provides everything you will ever need. Be content in His keeping.

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