Proverbs, Trust, Wisdom

In His Charge

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

Proverbs 16:3

When you commit your life to the Lord, you hand it over, in trust, to his charge and to his safe-keeping. This is also what we need to do with all of our plans.

Some people get a new idea or notion just as often as the wind changes direction. They are continually running from project to project hoping that, sooner or later, one will take off. Proverbs tells us that even though we plan something in our heart, it is God who will bring it to fruition (16:9). However, when something doesn’t quite work out, it doesn’t necessarily mean that God thought it was a bad idea; it could simply mean it wasn’t the right idea at the time.

God knows your heart. He knows what you are passionate about and he know what you are good at; it was Him who gave you those talents in the first place. Talk to Him about all of your ideas and then listen for His confirmation. When the right plan emerges, hand it over to His charge, for to trust Him with your life means to trust Him with everything that you do.

The Lord wants the very best for you and He is committed to blessing you in all that you undertake, as you walk in His will and live out His purpose.

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