Proverbs, Wednesday Wisdom

Listen and Obey

‘IF’ is a small word with big implications. Listening to God and deferring to Him in faithful obedience brings us a joy and a peace that we can never achieve through our own willfulness. It is because of obedience that we can receive a better understanding of God’s word through His Spirit.

I will pour out my spirit to you.”

When God says “I will” he is making you a promise. When we listen and obey, that promise is not just to simply give us his Spirit but that his Spirit would fall on us like rain, soaking us with his presence.

I will make my words known to you.”

When we receive the gift of the Spirit we also receive the gift of having God reveal his word and his truth to us. We should never be blasé about the Word of God for it is what gives us life, brings us comfort and refreshes our soul.

These promises hinge on that little word ‘IF’. Make the wise choice – Listen and Obey.

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