Lessons from Jesus

Practical Christianity

Matthew 6:25 – “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life…”

In the context of the current pandemic with so many out of work or on reduced wages; business owners trying to stay afloat whilst wading through umpteen government forms; children, teenagers and young adults struggling with education; care home residents feeling isolated and lonely; the vulnerable being categorized and their carers trying to cope… Now, imagine saying to any one of those people – ‘do not be anxious about your life.’ Would you even dare say it?

Jesus is not belittling anyone’s situation, if anything, he’s is conveying to us that he knows our every concern and assuring us of ample provision. We just need to know where to look.

For the Christian, the first thing we do (or should do) in difficult circumstances is pray, then we look for the answer; others will say that a prayer won’t feed their family. I believe there is an answer to every situation and that anxiety can be alleviated in different ways. Where there are people struggling, there are people wanting to help – the two just need to find each other.

We can all be reluctant or hesitant to admit we need help. For some, it is the appearance of being weak, of not being able to provide for their family. Others are simply too embarrassed to admit they are finding things difficult. No-one should be made to feel ashamed of their circumstances and suffer in silence. There are so many different charities, organisations and agencies willing and able to help those who need it and I know a lot of you are involved in that work. Through prayer we can ask God to help us to see those who are having a hard time. God is the great provider and we are his vessels – his hands and his feet bringing his mercy and compassion.

Do you want to be of practical help on the Lord’s behalf? Get to know your local area and the help that is available. Where is the nearest foodbank or clothing bank…are there online activity or learning hubs for kids…does the local care home have a penpal initiative…what kinds of respite are on offer…what are the helpline numbers? Build your list, carry it with you and pray for God’s guidance.

So again, imagine speaking with someone who is struggling and doesn’t know where to turn – Jesus’ words sound a lot more comforting now, and with genuine care you can say, ‘I know you feel overwhelmed but do not be anxious about any of this because help is available.’

Practical Christianity is the combination of Faith and Works:

  • Faith – God is able to provide help in every situation.
  • Works – I am the help.

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