Lessons from Jesus

Growing Among Weeds

Matthew 13:24,25 – The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field, but while his men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away.

For those of you who are gardeners, weeds are most certainly the bane of your garden. If a weed is growing next to a plant, it is so difficult to kill the one without harming the other. The roots of some weeds are so strong that it can be almost impossible to pull them out.

In this parable, when the servants came to tell the Master about the state of the field, they were told to leave the weeds where they were, “lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them. Let both grow together until the harvest.”

Jesus explained to the disciples that the field represented the world, that He himself was the sower and the good seed was the sons of the kingdom. The enemy, of course, is the devil, who sows evil in the darkness; the good and the evil grow side by side. This is the world in which we live, where light and darkness cohabit together; two different species forced to exist in the same space.

The question is often asked as to why God doesn’t intervene in certain circumstances and why evil is allowed to persist. God’s purpose and reasoning are things that we will never fully grasp. This may seem like an incomprehensible truth but a truth it remains – God wants to redeem those who practice evil in exactly the same way that He wants to redeem those who don’t. But there is an allotted time, ‘and at harvest time I will tell the reapers (the angels), “Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn” …and they (the angels) will gather out of his kingdom all causes of sin and all law-breakers, and throw them into the fiery furnace’. God’s judgement in God’s time.

For now, the wheat and the weeds live side by side until that time when ‘the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father’.

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