Faithfulness, Fruit of the Spirit

The Chosen Path

Psalm 119:30

I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I set your rules before me.

The decision has been made, the path has been chosen and the guidebook is in hand. But the path is narrow, the surface uneven and no guardrails have been put in place yet. The cry goes out…

Lord, I have chosen the way of faithfulness and I have your guidebook with me. Help me understand your laws and your ways so that I won’t stumble and fall. Strengthen me with your word, guide me with your teaching and hide all false ways from me so that I might stay true to your path.

It can be all too easy to wander off the path. Something catches your eye or you hear something and off you go to investigate. We forget to put the guardrails in place that keep us focused and on the right track. God’s word can navigate through the toughest terrain. It is our handbook, guidebook and rulebook. It strengthens you when the climb is steep. It comforts and soothes when you fall. It brings shelter when the rains pour down. It refreshes you when you need to rest.

The path is not always difficult; the way of faithfulness also leads to green pastures and still waters; places of great beauty and wonders beyond belief. It is a way filled with goodness and mercy, and it overflows with every provision that we will ever need.

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