Fruit of the Spirit, Kindness

Friends Like This

Mark 2:3

And they came, bringing to him a paralytic carried by four men.

Here we have another amazing act of kindness. We don’t know whether the man himself asked to be taken to Jesus or whether family or friends told him about this new teacher that had come to Capernaum. Either way, it was kindness and hope that took them to the home were Jesus was preaching.

It was apparent that they hadn’t exactly thought the plan through, or maybe they just presumed they would be able to walk straight up to Jesus and ask for his help. Things would not go that smoothly and they would have to devise a new plan.

Can you imagine what was going through their minds when they saw the crowd around the home. How could they ever push through with a stretcher-bed? The questions: What do we do now? We have to get close; how else will we get his attention? Wait, what about the roof?

These men were determined that nothing would stand in the way of patient and healer meeting. Getting a paralysed man up onto the roof of a house, even a single storey one, was not an easy task. This was going to take grit, strength, focus and teamwork.

Do we have that same single-mindedness in bringing people to Jesus? That desire to see them healed, a healing of body, mind and spirit? To see them restored to life in Christ and walking free in the forgiveness of God?

May God strengthen our determination and make us bold in our faith because there is no greater kindness than bringing someone to Christ.

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