Test of faith

James 1:3

For you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.

We’ve all had our faith tested and it comes in various guises. Sometimes it’s obvious, e.g. when you find yourself in conversation and the person asks, or says, “Oh you’re one of those good living people” and you reply, “well, I’m a Christian, if that’s what you mean”. Or maybe you see someone struggling with shopping or trying to cross a road and you offer assistance.

Then there are situations that don’t feel testing, like going out for dinner and discovering they forgot to charge you for a dessert. Do you point out the error or do you feel that the meal was overpriced anyway so the freebie makes up for it.

And there are those occasions when you are in work and a debate has started and God is coming out as the enemy. You feel strongly about what is being said and you want to say something but you don’t want to look stupid, or get tongue-tied, and the guy having the rant has such a strong boisterous personality that you’re embarrassed he might rip you to sheds….. so you walk away and say nothing.

That last scenario was me. I walked away. I failed the test that day. I should have trusted God to help me speak, to help me stand up for what I believe. So, did that test produce steadfastness? I have to say yes, it did. It made me determined never to let that happen again, because I would rather be a fool for God than a helper of satan. I still may not pass every test but I am absolutely steadfast in my faith.

As you go through the rest of your day don’t hide your light. Ask the Lord to help you reflect His kindness, His righteousness, His truth.

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